Postacute Care Preparedness for COVID-19 / JAMA

Postacute Care Preparedness for COVID-19 / JAMA

Rédigé le 28/03/2020

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National projections suggest that hospitals may be overwhelmed with patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection in the coming months. Appropriately, much attention has addressed the acute challenges in caring for this surge of critically ill pa- tients. What has received less attention, however, is what happens as patients—most of whom will recover, even in the highest-risk groups—begin to do so. Many patients with COVID-19 will need postacute care to recuperate from their infection. However, postacute care fa- cilities currently lack the capacity and capability to safely treat patients with COVID-19 as they transition from the hospital to other care settings or to their homes. In this Viewpoint, we present the scope of the problem and out- line a series of steps that may be helpful as postacute care organizations prepare for the coming increase in patients with COVID-19.

Postacute care includes rehabilitation or palliativeservices that beneficiaries receive following a stay in an acute care hospital. Depending on the patient’sneeds, treatment may include a stay in a facility, such as a skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehabilitation facility, or long-term care hospital, or care in the home via a home health agency. Although data are limited regarding the proportion of patients with COVID-19

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