SNLF - Traumatismes crânien

La Nef

jeudi 01 décembre 2022 de 15:00 à 16:30

Président(e): Jacques Luaute (Saint Genis Laval) Modérateur(s)/Modératrice(s): Etienne Allart (Lille)

Executive dysfunction after TBI

Jacoba Spikman (Groningue, Paysbas)

In patients with moderate to severe TBI,  prefrontal regions or circuits are often affected, which  frequently leads to impairments in executive functions. Patients exhibit problems in planning, initiating, executing and monitoring complex goal directed tasks, which seriously hamper them in their everyday life functioning and societal role fulfilment  (participation). In our  lab we have developed a neuropsychological rehabilitation protocol for improvement of these executive problems ‘Multifaceted Treatment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome’ which was proven effective in a mixed group of patients with brain injury, among which patients with moderate to severe TBI. In my presentation I will discuss the results, the factors influencing treatment succes and implications for everyday clinical practice.


Personalized mobile health reminders to improve medication adherence following acquired brain injury: A randomized pilot and feasibility trial

Peii Chen (West Orange, Usa) , Marinos Pylarinos (West Orange, Usa) , Amanda Azer (West Orange, Usa) , Emma Kaplan (West Orange, Usa) , Maria Mawhinney (West Orange, Usa) , Grace Wells (West Orange, Usa) et Jenny Masmela (West Orange, Usa)


 Qualité de vie des aidants familaux de patients atteints de troubles permanents de conscience vivant soit à domicile soit en institution, en Haute Normandie

Audrey Bringer (ST SEBASTIEN DE MORSENT, France) , Éric VÉRIN (Rouen, France) et Hafid BOUBKRY (ST SEBASTIEN DE MORSENT, France)


Efficacité des thérapeutiques du syndrome post-commotionnel : une revue systématique de littérature

Mélanie Cogné (Rennes, France) , Camille Heslot (GARCHES (92380), France) , Clemence Lefevre (GARCHES (92380), France) , Valérie Perdrieau (GARCHES (92380), France) , Aurelie Granger (GARCHES (92380), France) et Philippe Azouvi (GARCHES (92380), France)

Hugo Câmara Costa (Paris, France) , Mathilde Chevignard (Saint Maurice, France) , Georges Dellatolas (Paris, France) , Philippe Allain (Angers, France) , Claire Jourdan (Montpellier, France) , Alexis Ruet (Caen, France) , Eleonore BAYEN (Paris, France) , Claire Vallat-Azouvi (Villejuif, France) et Philippe Azouvi (Garches, France)